About IntyOS
 Online Demo

This demo is running version 0.2 Alpha. The current version of IntyOS requires Intellicart bankswitching capabilities which are not emulated by the Bliss applet.

0-9keypad 0-9
ENTERkeypad Enter
CTRLtop action buttons
Zbottom left action button
Xbottom right action button
Arrow keysdisc

Important notes
  • You may have to click into the applet window to make sure that keyboard events are correctly transmitted to it.
  • The applet is likely to crash if no soundcard is found.
Bliss software is distributed under GPL license. Official site : bliss.retrogames.com
Free versions of the exec.bin and grom.bin files are used here. These are NOT the actual internal ROMs of the Intellivision.