About IntyOS
 Online Demo

  • SDK1600 by Joe Zbiciak
    All you need to program the Intellivision!

  • IntvProg
    Yahoo! group about Intellivision programming.

  • WebKnox
    Arnauld's website. You may find other Intellivision stuff, there :-)

  • Intellivision Lives
    Official Intellivision website, maintained by former programmers.

  • Contiki by Adam Dunkels
    Another open-source operating system for very small computers.

  • Alpaca by Scott 'Jerry' Lawrence
    "Alpaca is a small multitasking operating system for Z-80 computers, specifically for Pac-Man/Pengo arcade hardware."

  • The Intellivision Bodega
    Cool site about Inty. Often updated.

  • intvfunhouse
    Steve presents his personnal collection of Intellivision cartridges ... and it's a really complete one ! Includes interesting tests and comments for each game.