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IntyOS is a multitasked operating system for the Intellivision console. It includes a powerful GUI which handles a mouse pointer, windows, menus, icons, etc.

Right now, only binary files are available. But IntyOS will soon be released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) with complete source code and documentation.

Current available version : 0.2 Alpha

This project was initiated just for the fun of it after a thread was started by Joe Zbiciak in the IntvProg discussion list about Contiki, another open-source operating system for very small computers. However, IntyOS is not a port of Contiki and does not have the same desktop environment, nor the same built-in tools. It was written from scratch in CP-1600 assembly language in order to fit exactly to the hardware specificities of the Intellivision. Its main goal is now to see how far it's possible to go with today's technologies on such a limited system from the early 80's ...

A next step will certainly be to add an Internet connection ;-)

Have fun!

-- Arnauld


You can use the following mirror to browse the IntyOS site: intyos.spatula-city.org

Many thanks to Joe Zbiciak who's hosting it!


October 24, 2003
Version 0.3 Beta seems almost ready for primetime but I didn't have a chance to work on a decent documentation. So, a new release should be done "Real Soon Now" (TM), including new features, all sources and ... er ... maybe some clues about the way it's working. :-)

October 11-12, 2003
Thanks to Tim Lindner, IntyOS was demonstrated at the Vintage Computer Festival (Mountain View, CA).

September 9, 2003
Version 0.3 Beta is being tested and finalized. It will notably allow to handle a virtual filesystem. This release should include all sources and a draft documentation.

June 25, 2003
IntyOS is slashdotted ;-)

June 23, 2003
Version 0.2 Alpha is out!

May 12, 2003
Version 0.2 Alpha is currently being finalized. Watch this place!

March 24, 2003
This website is put online.

March 21, 2003
Creation of the IntyOS website.

March 10, 2003
The IntyOS project is started.

 Legal note

Intellivision and associated logos are property of Intellivision Productions, Inc.
IntyOS is in no way related to Intellivision Productions.